Screwdriver Antennas
by K4POZ
Ron Wilson "Pozy"

HF Mobile

Remotely Tuned

High Performance


Continuous Coverage of ALL
Amateur Radio Bands
3.5 through 30 MHz
Also covers MARS, Commercial and Military HF, Shortwave and CB

  • Change bands and tune your antenna from the comfort of your car
  • Low VSWR
  • High Q Coil
  • High Efficiency
  • No whips or taps to change
  • Fits standard 3/8 - 24 threaded antenna mounts

This antenna is a highly modified version of the DK3 designed by W6AAQ.  It is commonly known as:

"The Screwdriver Antenna"

The antenna uses a wide-band unbalanced to unbalanced matching transformer
to match the low impedance of the antenna to the 50 ohm output of your transceiver.
This unit will withstand powers of up to one kilowatt pep while
maintaining a low VSWR.
between the resonant antenna and your transceiver.

Matching Coil construction is shown in this picture
HF Wideband
Coupling Unit
HF Wideband
Coupling Unit
Internal View
Model "A"
Model "B"
HF Wideband Coupling Unit is available in two versions. Model "A" is with PL-259 connector and Model "B" is with standard terminal ring connectors.

"Screwdriver Antenna"

The antenna uses a high quality copper contact ring
to make contact with the loading coil. This de-coupling ring is
constructed in such a way as to
maintain absolute contact with the coil at all times.

The sliding loading coil assembly has built-in stops to prevent
the coil from moving beyond the reach of the contact ring
or from damaging the drive motor.

The drive motor assembly consists of a 12 volt DC Motor.

The remotely operated drive motor moves the sliding loading coil
in and out to keep the antenna resonant at all times to cover
the entire 3-30 Mhz frequency range.

Internal view of the
contact ring.
External view of the
contact ring.
The loading coil with
de-coupling ring.
The whip is threaded
into a heavy gauge
brass mount

The entire unit is
covered with a
protective casing of
teflon and acetate.

control switch is
provided with wire


"The Screwdriver Antenna"

The antenna is shipped without a whip. Radio Shack has a whip that can be
cut to 5' or 6' to cover the upper frequency range. A longer whip will allow
better performance at the lower frequencies.
The whip when purchased from Radio Shack is 102" in length
and made for 27 Mhz Class "D" Citizen's Band use.

A blue print of the antenna's construction is available for viewing by clicking on this box.

Some ideas on how to connect the match
box are available for viewing by
clicking on this box.


How To Order
"The K4POZ Screwdriver Antenna"

Antenna Price is $295.00 USD (without whip but includes base matching coil and up/down switch).  The price includes UPS shipping and handling to anywhere in the continental USA.



Matching Coil for the Base of the Antenna
Price is $37.50 USD.  The price
includes UPS shipping and handling to anywhere in the continental USA. (This matching coil is INCLUDED with every antenna)

I accept payment through PayPal, USPO Money Orders and Checks (after clearing).

Orders will be shipped UPS, so be sure to include a valid UPS shipping address with your order.

Make checks and money orders payable to:

Ron Wilson
2905 Dellinger Drive
Marietta, GA 30062-4712

Make PayPal payments to:

If you have questions:
Email Ron:
or call (770) 971-8591 10:00 am to 9:00 pm (EST/EDT)