All About the GI-7B(t)
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The GI-7B(t) is a very rugged metal ceramic tube built during the cold war for use on Russian tanks and other military vehicles. The GI-7BT is a more ruggedized version of the same tube featuring a fatter ceramic element but otherwise the same as the thinner GI-7B. You will find these tubes that have white ceramic and some that have pink or purple ceramic and we have found no difference in the performance of these tubes. NOTE: Some suppliers sell the GI-70B and the GI-70BT tube which is the same tube WITHOUT the anode cooler. Always be aware of what you are buying.

Data Sheets for the GI-7B can be found here:

Data Sheets for the GI-7BT can be found here:
Retrofits and Conversions
Construction details

GI-7B Tubes and Parts Suppliers

GI-7B Tubes -
 I have many people ask about these tubes and where to buy them. You can purchase them from any number of dealers, most of which are outside the USA. The prices listed by these dealers usually does NOT include the shipping charge so be sure to check that before ordering. Also, be sure that the price includes the anode cooler. You don't want to pay full price for a tube that doesn't have the anode cooler. The GI-70 does NOT have a cooler.

GI-7B Sockets -  See the pictures at the bottom of this page.

Bias Boards - variable bias for your amp. Click here to go to the Bias Board page.

GI-7B tubes and other parts - I have purchased from each of these suppliers. I will NOT list a supplier that I have had bad experience with or that I have not had dealings with.

GI-7B Sockets
by K4POZ and W4ZT
These sockets are professionally crafted by K4POZ and W4ZT to provide you the best socket for your retrofit or new construction project. These sockets are designed for the best possible connections to the tube while allowing full air flow around the socket for more than adequate tube cooling. These are PLUG IN sockets. There are NO hold down clamps to fiddle with. The tube is completely removable and insertable from the anode side of the chassis. We have designed the grid and cathode connections using full contact finger stock to insure that you have the best RF connection possible. The socket can be mounted either on top of a chassis or sub mounted below a chassis which is pressurized for forced air cooling. Mounting can be horizontal or vertical. Please COMPARE this socket with any other socket you can find.
GI-7B in Socket
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View straight down into the socket showing the finger stock.

The socket can be mounted below the chassis by reversing the mounting hardware.

Socket shown mounted below the chassis.

Tube in the socket mounted below the chassis.

PTFE Chimney
No longer available.
Comments from users:
  • What a nice piece of hand-work! I thank your for your UFB and kind communication and support... IT9BLB/KF6FBC
  • The GI-7B socket arrived today. I was amazed at the high quality. This is much better than the other one I bought, and better than any that I have seen... Your socket is very well built, compact and provides much better contact to the tube than the others. The socket will be ideal for all of my GLA-1000B conversions... K8KSW
  • That's a nice piece of work. I wont build them myself anymore, I'll use yours!... W4EMF
NOTE - The GI-7B socket is temporarily not available from W4ZT.
This notice updated on September 4, 2008

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